Nocart Business Integrity Policy

Nocart management, employees and partners conduct business within a regulatory framework consisting of laws, statutes, directives, rules, norms, policies, standards, systems, procedures, and conventions. Nocart is committed to high ethical standards by promoting and facilitating operative quality and behavior that is consistent with Nocart Code of Conduct. Nocart fosters a business culture that proactively addresses and encourages the prevention and detection as well as positive and determined correction of any deviation from ethical and sustainable action. Nocart management guides and monitors the ethics of Nocart global business initiatives globally.

Nocart Code of Conduct

Nocart and its partners are committed to doing business in a way that is right for all the stakeholders of Nocart operations. We maintain and enhance our reputation in the marketplace by consistently earning the trust of our private and public and civil sector customers. Our Code of Conduct demands adherence to high ethical standards from our personnel and management. This code encourages them to act in a manner consistent with our core values that are 1. hunger to see things clean-technically, 2. local sustainability, 3. integrity and dignity, 4. safety, 5. constant improvement.

Nocart operates in accordance to the following rules:

  • Make decisions that are in line with Nocart corporate values
  • Follow the laws and regulations that apply to Nocart operations
  • Do not in any way engage in acts of bribery, extortion, or discrimination
  • Treat every colleague and stakeholder representative with respect
  • Strive to gain the trust of our stakeholders
  • Promote and contribute to an equal, fair, and positive corporate culture
  • Foster positive Nocart reputation in all your activities


It is the responsibility of every Nocart employee to understand and follow our Code of Conduct. Nocart holds all its employees and partners accountable for demonstrating firm commitment to ethical conduct in every aspect of their work wherever they operate.

Before Nocart employees are hired or partners selected, Nocart Code of Conduct and Nocart Business Integrity Policy are introduced to them. They are attached as integral parts of every new work and partnership agreement. Should the applicable regulatory framework enable it, non-adherence to Nocart Code of Conduct and Business Integrity Policy may lead to disciplinary measures or termination of any such agreement. Nocart management, employees and partners are required to disclose any potential or perceived conflicts of interest consistent with our Business Integrity Policy.

Enforcement of Business Integrity Compliance

Primarily, a potential violation of standards or policies is to be directly reported to Nocart management. Nocart website is all the time available for informing the company management of a deviation from Nocart standards. Nocart management is accountable for swiftly acting upon any reported deviation by following the procedure set for corrective action in the ISO 9001:2015 compliant Nocart Quality System.


Nocart is committed to operating in a transparent way. Nocart management strives to effectively communicate and demonstrate Nocart values to the personnel and stakeholders. The same transparency belongs to the key criteria for the selection of Nocart partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nocart considers the social, environmental, and financial sustainability of its operations to be of major significance for reaching the company goal formulated as the ‘promotion of sustainable impact through effective solutions to energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability’. Nocart Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is separately documented in Nocart Quality System. Nocart operates in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption. Nocart has incorporated the 10 principles of The Global Compact of the United Nations into Nocart strategy, policies and procedures to establish a culture of integrity. By doing so, Nocart believes the company can better uphold its basic responsibilities to people and planet and set the stage for long-term Nocart success.