Nocart Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Nocart is committed to conducting responsible and sustainable business activities. Our mission is to power the
world with green energy from multiple sources. Our company goal is the promotion of sustainable impact through
effective solutions to energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability.

Our values reflect our commitment to the highest standards of environmental, social, and financial sustainability. We
have adopted the triple bottom line framework in the monitoring and evaluation of our performance to create
greater shared value. We aim at constant improvement in our business activities, including the sustainability of
Nocart operations. We select partners that share our key values and principles, and support the efforts of our
suppliers and subcontractors to meet the same standards and principles that Nocart has adopted.

To maintain a high standard of corporate social responsibility, we will implement business integrity, quality, product,
customer relationship, and supply chain management systems in our operations. One of the key goals of these
management systems is to ensure that our management and staff will comply with the key principles of Nocart
business worldwide. These principles are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United


While climate change, conflicts and lack of education cause poverty, access to energy
can help people to adapt to and mitigate them. Nocart powers the world with green
energy from multiple sources to enable sustainable and flexible use of locally available
sources of energy. We provide access to energy as it is the most effective way to reduce


Nocart provides energy solutions that enable the consumers to pump water, irrigate
crops, and power equipment they use in farming and cold storage of related produce and
other food. The quality of Nocart solutions guarantees the operative reliability of these
applications and contributes to a sustainable and functioning food sector.


Nocart provides people of all ages with access to good-quality energy to enable
enhanced safety and security, a higher standard of life, and increased life expectancy.
Nocart energy solutions also enable appropriate storage of vaccines, and the health
sector in general to operate in conditions with limited or non-existent access to energy.


Nocart powers schools and other educational facilities where there is no proper access to
energy. Studying at home during the dark hours is enabled by Nocart power solutions.
Children in poor families are increasingly able to go to school as Nocart solutions enable
new local income generation mechanisms and reduce poverty.


We treat our management, staff, partners, and other stakeholders fairly and with zero
tolerance for discrimination. We respect their rights and dignity. We promote gender
equality at Nocart, in the organizations we partner with and communities we operate in.
Achieving improved gender equity is an important goal of Nocart project development.


Nocart energy solutions enable a wider Nocart offering that includes solutions for water
pumping, purification, and desalination. We operate in areas with limited local clean water
supply. Nocart offers solutions that enable people to save and consume water in a
sustainable way. We can also generate power with biogas sanitation systems.


Nocart provides green energy from multiple sources, aiming at providing people and
organizations with both affordable and sustainable energy. We increase the sustainability
of our energy provision by committing to the implementation of sustainable and
effciency-increasing policies in all our operations.


Nocart respects the rights of all its employees and partners and other stakeholders to
decent work and safe and motivating working conditions. We encourage positive team
work and transparent sharing of knowledge throughout our organization. We aim at
recognizing positive contribution to our mission and rewarding employees appropriately.


Nocart was born through a technological and business innovation. Respecting that legacy,
we strive to build on our experience and expertise and networks to constantly find new
innovations that help us fulfill our mission and create sustainable impact. Our work is
aimed at contributing to the building of sustainable societies and infrastructure.


Nocart works to avoid or mitigate human rights risks and inequalities in our activities as
well as remedy any impact they may cause. We respect and promote the rights of
indigenous peoples in every country we operate in. We contribute to developing resilient
local communities in consultation with local authorities and our other stakeholders.


Nocart energy solutions are designed to be compatible with smart grids that positively
develop the sustainability of current and future urban and rural societies. Our goal of
providing communities with increased energy security, energy equity and environmental
sustainability has the power to lift people, economies, and the planet up.


Nocart provides innovative solutions for turning waste into energy. In our designs,
purchasing, production, and all daily operations we aim at favoring and promoting
environmentally and ethically sustainable options and methods. Nocart strives to show
leadership in green energy business also by giving an example of sustainable practices.


Nocart engages in initiatives that foster climate change adoption and mitigation. Our
solutions promote energy effciency and enable communities to more effectively adapt to
the negative effects of climate change. We recognize climate change as the most critical
challenge the humankind faces today. We develop green solutions to fight it.


As the marine ecosystem that regulates much of our food and oxygen is suffering from
the distribution of plastics into the rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans, Nocart develops
environmentally-friendly technologies that are optimized to utilize plastic waste in energy
production and help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


All Nocart system solutions reduce the carbon intensity of energy. We develop power
solutions that reduce impurities in the air. Every Nocart power system contains at least
one source of green energy. We optimize our biomass-to-energy solutions for sustainably
produced biomass that fosters the rights of indigenous people and fauna.


Nocart complies with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate. We
comply with internationally recognized human rights standards. We behave with honesty,
integrity, and dignity. We reject and condemn all forms of bribery, corruption,
discrimination, and forced or child labor. Nocart solutions contribute to a sustainable,
strong, and equal society with a functioning energy infrastructure accessible to all.


Nocart develops business and projects that enable and encourage inclusive business. We
partner with local societies, governments, private and civil sector organizations as well as
the education sector to innovate and generate energy solutions and business models that
have sustainable long-term impact.