We see things cleantechnically.

Nocart is an environmentally conscious energy company using multiple sources to produce high quality green electricity for all needs, including own use, sale and backup power for small power plants. Nocart serves global demand on three levels: Power Management Unit, System and Power. Our product portfolio includes power electronics for renewable energy production, complete renewable power plant projects and assets to enable electricity trade. Nocart is the new standard of energy self-sufficiency.

Nocart power electronics use industrial scale technology with high reliability and a long lifetime. It is simply the most efficient product to create minigrids.

Nocart delivers many kinds of power plant projects, such as biogas, hydro or solar powered. Smaller power plant projects can work as independent minigrids and bigger projects can connect to electricity production facilities. Nocart can provide the complete power solution from project management to deployment including all technology required for power production.

Nocart also operates as an electricity market participant through electricity exchanges or power purchase agreements. All enterprises utilize renewable energy sources and Nocart power electronics. These projects are completely managed and financed by Nocart Ltd.

Nocart solutions always include a feasibility study, customer training for technical personnel and highly responsive technical support. We have developed a strong reputation for reliability and the return of investment (ROI) is excellent.

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Press Release 13.09.2018: The Appointment of New Board of Directors



Press Release 14.08.2018: Nocart’s 35 MW waste-to-energy plant deal in Kenya confirmed.




Nocart CEO Vesa Korhonen awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by EY Finland.

The most promising Finnish company working in the energy industry of 2015.



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For use and storage.


Unique product for the production of high quality green electricity for all needs: own use, sale and backup power in small power plants anywhere there is a need for power production without access to the national grid. Connectivity to the SmartGrid of the future enables feeding and selling power back to the grid.

Nocart can be connected to many types of own or external power sources:

Wind, hydro, wave, gas motor, sun, brake energy, waste, biofuel, dung from pig and poultry farms, etc.



Free evaluation

Together with the customer Nocart will evaluate the need of energy and best possible power solutions available at the target location. The outcome of evaluation is a solution proposal with quotation included.



Feasibility study (optional)

This can be done either as a part of the system configuration or independently incase the customer wishes to get an energy audit. Feasibility study consists of projection on energy consumption and saving potential by improving the existing system and proposes how to use renewable energy sources to cover the deficiency.



Technology delivery

Assessing the previous phases Nocart will deliver the appropriate solution whether it is a single Power Management Unit, a complete power plant system or even if we are expected to operate as a commercial electricity provider. Delivery times start from 12 weeks depending on the system size and configuration.


Technology Assembly

Nocart team also takes care of installation of the delivered systems when required. We have highly skillfull teams working globally with extensive knowledge on our systems.


Training on site

With the help of our on-site training the customer will learn how to operate the PMU-controlled power plant reliably at its full capacity. An in-depth training course is included at our research and training centre in Finland with every contract on biomass/biowaste utilizing system. Nocart also offers further possibilities to gain education on bioenergy at a vocational college level degree.


Technical support

Nocart offers technical support on a national level through its own support team or qualified outside affiliates. When required they will consult our PMU-developers based in Nocart headquarters in Finland.

Nocart’s experience and expertise guarantees a controlled and safe production process. Equipped with monitoring and control mechanisms, the operation of Nocart power plants is highly automated.


Maintenance and services

Nocart service network covers all areas where we deliver, either through own service organization or outside affiliates.