Nocart power unit guarantees power feed 24/7 in case of power cuts. It can be connected with multiple different types of power units, such as wind turbines and solar panels. Nocart is an economical and reliable system that ensures energy self-sufficiency.



Estimated time of production
12 weeks



Estimated time of production
12 weeks–24 months



Estimated time of production
12–24 months


Nocart Power
Management Unit (PMU)

Nocart PMU is unique piece of power electronics that can handle any renewable energy production and turn that into good quality electricity for usage.

Nocart PMU is completely assembled from industrial scale power electronics. This guarantees the flawless running hours even in very harsh environments and usage patterns. The system is completely modular so updating with more production or new production method after the first installation is easily managed.


Nocart PMU comes in three major editions. Those are stand-alone independent, where the system is completely independent and there is no connection to the national grid. Second is stand-alone grid connected, where the system can utilize national grid when it is available. To charge energy reserve for example. But when the grid fails this system keeps providing power to the consumption. The third is grid-connected system that works in the way that it will shut also down when the national grid fails to be present.

All systems are designed for your needs in mind. Smaller 30 kW to 250 kW stand-alone units are to be shipped after 12 weeks from confirmed order. Larger units delivery will be according to project road map agreed upon order confirmation.



Nocart System

Nocart power production systems consist everything required for renewable electricity production as turn key delivery. The heart is always Nocart Power Management Unit that controls the power production no matter the size of the installation.

This way all the benefits of industrial scale power electronics and modularity transfer directly to Nocart system deliveries.


Nocart will have the project in control for the whole project life cycle and you as customer need to relax and enjoy the benefits of utilizing renewables. Nocart has delivered system with biogas production from agricultural waste or municipal solid waste, hydro, solar production and wind production.

Project portfolio also includes larger Solar Hybrid Minigrid as stand-alone or grid connected. Typically our clientele enjoys short paybacks times and very good return rate for the projects. Nocart works as an EPC contractor for the client in projects like this. Project plan, timetable and all other necessary aspects are to be agreed with you in detail upon the order confirmation.


Nocart Power

We are so confident about the excellence of our solutions that we invest in our technology by ourselves. Nocart can play a role in bigger renewable power generation solutions in African and Asian markets as a investor or even as a operating party of the project. Please contact our sales to hear more about our national power generation possibilities.